Rules of conduct

Rules of conduct

  • Guests report their arrival to the responsible person and state their name, permanent home address; as well as showing credentials (enrollment). The fee for the stay will be payable at current rates.


  • The guest should comply with the instructions of the service and be obliged to comply with regulations relating to fire protection, gas, and other provisions.


  • Only camping equipment of normal type and size is used. It is not allowed to set up own facilities in addition to tents and caravans, such as fences, platforms and the like without the permission of the company. Digging in the ground must not take place.


  • Dogs are kept in tap and aired outside the camping area.


  • Attention is paid to other guests and the camping company’s neighbors. Driving is only permitted between the driveway and the assigned space. In the allocated space the guest must ensure good order and cleanliness. Radio, TV, musical instruments etc. are used with care and consideration. That means low volume during the day and absolute silence between 23:00 and at. 07:00. Any use of firearms is prohibited, as well as games or games that may be annoying or dangerous to others. Sales within the company’s area are only allowed with the consent of the responsible party.


  •  Waste is only placed in the refuse bin. Car wash, personal wash, laundry, dishwashing, and rinsing should only take place in designated areas and never at the drinking water sources.


  • Responsible or his / her staff can not assume responsibility for the guest’s assets. Damage to the property of the company must be paid by the injured party.


  • On departure, leave the area left clean and tidy. Departure time is noon at. 12:00.


  • Guests who act drunk, show immorality or disrupt their order, should be shown away if necessary with police assistance. The same applies to guests who take offenses outside the posted complaints or otherwise contaminate.


  • It is going to be quiet between 23:00 and at. 07:00.


Follow these rules and both you and the other guests will have an equally enjoyable stay!



Business days: 08-22
Saturday: 08-22
Sunday: 08-22


Business days: 08-22
Saturday: 08-22
Sunday: 08-22

Quiet time

Business days: 23-07
Saturday: 23-07
Sunday: 23-07